The Confession of A King #5

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Proposition: Sometimes we frown on happiness for the wrong reasons. It's OK to feel happy if God blesses you with a moment of joy.

Introduction: N.F.L (The “No Fun League”)

I. Hear Joy and Gladness

  • David want's others to be happy
  • My Lyrics: “I moan and I groan to the sound of their laughter, because peace and happiness is what I'm after”
  • We often want those whom we have hurt to feel better
  • We should want others to be happy

II. David has been broken (Deeply)

  • Bones Signifies deep within
  • Broken mean Contrition
  • Jeremiah said that it felt like fire shut up in his BONES
  • After one has been broken they usually put things in proper perspective

III. David wants to feel joy (Rejoice)

  • The word translated as rejoice means to dance or whirl
  • We should not be afraid to express joy when God has blessed us

Conclusion: I've been feeling down for so long, but now I'm so happy

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