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Mary Ann Wangemann and her teenage daughter were not in the best mood as they headed home following an NHL playoff game in their favorite team, the Washington Capitals were eliminated in the seventh and final game of the series. To make matters worse, as they drove, Mary Ann hit a pothole on a bridge and got a flat tire. They pulled off to the side of the bridge and called AAA. The operator told said they had a heavy volume of calls, and it would take time to get help out to them. Mary Ann and her daughter decided it would be safer to wait away from the car. As they watched the traffic pass, an SUV pulled over and the driver asked if he could help. Mary Ann told the man she was waiting for AAA,, but when she recognized the man, she asked if he would wait with them.

The driver of the SUV turned out to be Washington Capitals player Brooks Laich. Laich insisted on helping change the flat even though he was still wearing his post-game suit. Mary Ann said Laich was friendly but somber as took out the spare and jack and went to work. Even though he scored the team’s single goal, Laich apologized for the loss, and said he had hopes for the next season. When he finished, Laich cautioned Mary Ann to drive slowly and listen for any rattling sounds. She agreed, but said she didn’t know how to thank him. Before he drove off Laich gave the women and hug, and said, “I’m sure you’ll do something nice for someone in the future.” Later, Mary Ann reflected on Laich’s humility saying, “Given everything else going on in his life. I just thought it was remarkable. I want people to know it.”

Brooks Laich changes a tire after Game 7, http://voices.washingtonpost.com/dcsportsbog/2010/04/brooks_laich_changes_a_tire_af.html; April 29, 2010; Illustration by Jim L. Wilson and Jim Sandell

1 Peter 5:5 (GW) “Young people, in a similar way, place yourselves under the authority of spiritual leaders. Furthermore, all of you must serve each other with humility, because God opposes the arrogant but favors the humble.”

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