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Joe's Notes

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Notes & Transcripts


Joseph S. Girdler

District Superintendent, KYAG

August 26, 2008

*Some people have said, “I’d rather have wild fire, than no fire.”  … Or, would we?

*What do you do when someone gives a message in tongues and there’s no interpretation?

*What now? During the testimony time, as I walked around with the microphone hoping to allow people to encourage one another in the Lord…he/she reached up and took the “mic” from me and … ?

*What if there’s the third message in tongues, or fourth…and now, you’re nervous?

*What if a stranger comes in and takes control? Gives a message in tongues, prophetic word, streamers that hit your deacons in the head, etc.?

*What about “catchers”? … This one always stirs the feathers… 

*What about demonic manifestations?  How do I handle that in a public service?

*What if someone stands up in the audience and makes an angry scene, approaches the platform or some other usurping action?

*What if a guest preaches something doctrinally challenged?

What if prayeraltar workers are praying with members of the opposite sex, rubbing shoulders, tightly front holdinghugging… very inappropriate…?

*What if the exact same person, day after day, week after week, month after month constantly gives the message in tongues, and/or the interpretations…and/or gives the exact same “word”… etc….and people are getting frustrated/confused…even me?

*What if someone known to be used in the gifts…has a questionable lifestyle/testimony/witness?

*What if people get mad and say they’re going to leave?

*What if we are haunted by the enemy and in danger/distressingly burdened?

*What if no-one is being baptized in the Holy Spirit>?

*What does Water Baptismal have to do with Pentecostalism?

*A lot of our congregation are from non-Pentecostal backgrounds, and may not even know it’s a Pentecostal church on most days? They might not be connected or even care about “Assemblies of God” or whatever… How do I help them know we’re / they’re Pentecostal?

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