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As we begin a new way of life we realize that being a part of a congregation implicates only one thing and that is to fellowship with one another. It is also a commandment that needs not be ignored, seeing how we do in-fact fellowship with our Lord Jesus Christ, being a part of his body.

In the lesson that is before us lets find out what other words that are associated with the word fellowship: association, companionship, camaraderie's, brotherhood etc..., but for the true worshipers of God the word true yokefellow should be exemplified in our livelihood as becoming brothers in Christ. Even as well as the word fellow laborers (Phil.4:3). Now lets look at the word yoke and find that it has a meaning in its self, a different category for example: union, bond, chain, link, bondage, and slavery. As far as these words are in union with yoke, its because we're tided down to the salvation of God, servants of righteousness, in the bondage of truth, and no longer chained to this world, and enslaved to sin. We have been released and take part of the Kingdom of our Heavenly Father.

So, we need to honor the commandment of fellowship for our own sake as well as others. Like I had made mention before that our fellowship is not within ourselves but with Jesus Christ, as indicated in (1Cor.1:9). Our Lord Jesus explains and describes the unity of fellowship is one, as he is with God and the Holy Spirit, and we too can be a part of that one (John17:21). In order for this unity of one be we need to be in complete obedience to the first and second commandments that our Lord Jesus spoke about in (Mk.12:29-31), and without this love there can not be any kind of fellowship at all with them.

The true conception of these passages is to believe with all your faith, that when we as brother's and sister's get together to fellowship we are indeed in fellowship as one with our Father and our Lord Jesus, and as well as the Holy Spirit of God in the midst. Also to believe that this is done in a spiritual sense and not carnal, remembering that we worship God in spirit and in truth (John4:23-24). Its not only the essences to show our spiritual form, but to obey, and then it will be seen. Its something that all should have in common, or rather should be within, for the benefit of the lost to see the true spiritual fellowship. That it will be apparent of the richness of his glory, and the blessing's that our Father has bestowed on us, and to see off hand that we are indeed one with our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

This type of fellowship is true to the passage of (Eph.3:9), that the fellowship of one existed since way before the beginning of time. So, according to this passage the fellowship(dispensation), that was and is given, the love of God. A blessed gift that was around way before hate ever existed, its the love of God that brings forth truth and righteous fellowship. Simply because God is Love(1John4:6-9), above all it is well written throughout the entire Gospel of God. Implicating that the Love of God is the glory of everything that pertains to the true worshipers of God. So, there should not be any doubt in our hearts and minds, that if we continue in our God given fellowship as we do now, and have been doing there is no way we can go wrong, because the Love of God is perfected in us, in an undying manner, and I am speaking spiritually.

In the passages throughout the gospel of God it teaches us many ways of conformity, and the conformity for the true Christian is fully understand the commandment of fellowship Paul inscribes this to the Philippians in (Phil.2:1-2). This is considered the true fellowship of yokefellow and fellowlabourers that Paul wrote about in (Phil.4:3). So in doing this is to be in complete compliance with the commandments of God, and adverted back to the first two commandments that is the rule of all, the Love of God. I truly believe that all the commandments are full of God's love seeing how they all come from him. So, in obeying these primary commandments, not to say that all are not important, we should fall into the actual passage that Paul inscribes to the Ephesians in (Eph.4:15-16). Basically, what this means is that if we are all part of the body of Christ, we should be moving in the same direction, having the same mentality, having the same spiritual meaning, and be as one unit with one mind frame, and that is to please God.

Lets become teachers of everything that we were taught to edify those who seek, hear, and decide to join the same fellowship. Edification, not only comes from hearing the word of God but also from the outlook of the true worshipers behavior. In simple terms, being considerate of each other, as well as each other's needs, no matter what is needed, its all done by the Love of God that should exist in us. As the Love of God that lingers in the presence of the true Christian fellowship, that no matter the necessity it gives undeniably without hesitation, and never holds back for that matter, and the perfect example is found in (James.1:5). According to this passage what ever we need from our Father we can ask him in our prayers, for instance we ask wisdom, love, faith, patience, forgiveness, mercy etc... it shall be given if doubt not. In doing this we uphold our duties by obedience in the will of God and that includes fellowship as well.

To truly fellowship before our Father to me is a very delightful expression of do what is intended for true Christians to do not just because its a commandment but because its a joyful assembly of the gathering of God's people for the basis of edification, devotion, and worship. Lets never forget that congregational fellowship of devoted true worshipers of God are infact in one with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit (1John1:3,6-7). So lets put the blessing and gifts that our Father has give us to a good us, and show our countenance so that all who see us will see the manifestation of our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ in our midst of our fellowship in the Spirit. The fruitage of the fellowship of the true worshipers of God is indeed made mention in the scriptures by Jesus Christ in (John15:5,8). May the mercies and Grace of our Heavenly Father be bestowed upon those who truly worship him without doubt.

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