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1.    1Corinthians 14:39-40—we believe that all of the gifts are for today, & that all of the gifts should be in operation in the church.  We do not want to be “cookie-cutter-Christian’s”. If there is no gifts there is no ministry, if there is no ministry there is no church 

2.    Ephesians 4:11-13—is the model for ministry in the church for today.

a)         Timothy is the model of this.

(1)        Timothy was discipled & equipped by the apostle Paul

(a)         When it came time to send him out to minister what did they do?

·                  Laid hands on him

·                  Imparted gifts to him

·                  Prophesied over him

·                  Then they sent him out

(b)        Later on in his ministry, Paul tells him to minister according to the prophecies that were spoken over him (2 Tim.1:6-7).

(c)         The ministry of Timothy was dependent upon:

·                  the equipping of Paul

·                  the gifting of the Holy Spirit

·                  Ministry in our church is going to happen exactly the same way.

·                  People need to be equipped by me in the Word of God, but they also need to know & function in the gifts of the Spirit that they have been given.  

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