Camp Workers Dedication (2008)

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Camp Workers Dedication


Our Missionaries for the month of June are our Camp Workers.

This year we have a number of young people

who will be touching the lives of boys and girls

with the love of God at Camps.

In a few weeks many children and youth

will be arriving at our Camps to spend a week in Nature

to learn about God,

to make new friends and reconnect with old friends,

and many will be making a commitment to Christ

for the first time.

The following people from our church

will be serving at the Camps this year:

(If you’re here please come to the front)

Rachel Doerksen

Kevin Kampen

Melanie Kampen

Samantha Klassen

Shawn Koop

Kyle & Ashley Penner

(as resource speakers for the Youth Camp), and

Melissa Penner

As you prepare to serve at Camp, we want to send you

       with our prayers and blessing .

May God’s Spirit guide you in all wisdom and understanding.

May you have the energy to keep up with the campers.

May you have the heart and mind of Christ.

May you be agents of healing and hope for the people you encounter on the way.

May you be stretched in your faith,

       And grow in your spirit as you trust in Him.

We want to pray with and for you,


Pray for

·      Safety for campers and staff

·      Prepare the heart and mind of the staff

o  To come with a servant heart

o  And a readiness to be agents of God’s love.

o  Creativity, openness, learning

·      Witness to God’s love

·      May God’s Kingdom be built in and thru the lives of these camp workers.


The Lord bless you and make you to be a blessing.

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