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DATE: LITURGICAL CALENDAR: OT TEXT:  NT TEXTS: SERMON TITLE:MAJOR RECENT EVENT:  RECURRING THEME IN MINISTRY: OWN "LIFE STORY" CONNECTION:   1. Feelings about our past actions.     2. Personal story          Shift  focus to congregation. (experience the law/judgment) 
3. Issue for today. (where does the text touch our concerns?)     4. Biblical text (Background & Context).        Theological subject: 
5. Good News (Major Concern of Text).   Purpose (what do I want to accomplish?)  Content (what is the story about?  Sermon (what is the opinion of the text?)   6.  Major Concern of the sermon (stories). 1. a.b. 2. a.b.c. 3.
7. Mention the Christ-event – Gospel/Good News.     Invite and encourage the congregation to further action. (recognize past faithfulness)  Conclusion 8. Return to the opening remarks.     Return to major concern of the text and sermon.  
9. Focus on their lives.Contact (how  does the text affect the hearer?)     Relevance (why do I - the hearer - need this?) 10. Responsibility (what is the hearer supposed to do?)  

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