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The Ishmael Generation

Notes & Transcripts

The presence of a father in a child's life has a very positive effect.

In the same way, the absence of a father in a child's life has long lasting catastrophic effects.

Transition: The Ishmael generation is...

A. God made a promise to Abram Gen 15:2-4.

B. Abraham tries to fulfill it

Transition: The Ishmael generation is also...

A. Conflict between Sarai and Hagar

B. Conflict between them and the world Gen. 16:12

Transition: Even though the Ishmael generation is full of conflicts and is...

A. Abraham sends off Agar and the boy to the desert Gen. 21:14

B. This was part of God's plan [[Bible:Gen.21:11)

A. God keeps his promise despite Abraham's mistake.

B. Ishmael has a promise from God

A. Ishmael

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