Studying Luke: Jesus' Sonship

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Jesus is the Son of God

I. Jesus' Sonship Scrutinized 4:1-13


  • Jesus was full of the Spirit
  • Jesus was led by the Spirit
  • The test comes when he was hungry

A. His dependency as a son is tested v.3-4

B. His devotion to the Father is tested v.5-8

C. His trust in the Father is tested v.9-13

Truth: Jesus proved that he was the Son of God, not because of the power or because he came from heaven and was immune to temptation, but because of his obedience to the Father’s will and his dependance on the Father’s power

Jesus' Sonship Scorned 4:14-30


  • Jesus returns in the power of the Spirit
  • Jesus was already famous
  • Jesus was teaching in their synagogues

A. Jesus identifies with their customs v.15-16

    1. Teaching in their synagogues
    2. Keeping the Sabbath

B. Jesus identifies himself in Scriptures v.17-21

  1. He finds Isaiah 61:1-2
    • Confirms the presence of the Spirit
    • Proclaim the good news to the poor
    • Proclaim freedom for the prisoners
    • Recovery of the sight for the blind
    • Set the oppressed free
    • Proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor

C. The people identify him as Joseph’s son v.22

  1. They praised Him
  2. They were attentive
  3. They spoke well
  4. But to them, He was just Joseph’s son, not the Son of God
  5. They were determined not to be drawn by him

D. Jesus identifies what goes on in their hearts v.23-27

  1. He knows what they are going to say v.23
  2. He knows of their skepticism
  3. He knows of their unbelief
  4. He knows of their rejection v.25-26

E. The people identify Him as a threat v.28-30

Truth: Jesus will often identify himself to us waiting for an answer from us. He knows when we resist Him and make up excuses not to surrender. Many times we believe that just sympathizing with him is enough, but He expect us to accept Him for who He is, the Son of God, the Savior.

III. Jesus' Sonship Shown 4:31-44


  • Jesus keeps on preaching and on His mission
  • His teaching had authority
  • His teaching had power

A. Shown over evil spirits v.33-35, 41

B. Shown to the people v.36-37

C. Shown over sickness v.

  1. Simon’s mother in law v.38-39
  2. Many sick v.40

D. Shown in his commitment with the Father’s mission v.42-44

E. Shown in Luke 7:20-23

Truth: Jesus’ identity gave His life and ministry a clear direction to which He committed. He knew who he was and what was expected of Him as a Son of God. Jesus was defined by these three words and moved in the beauty and the power of that reality.

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