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A Strange Thing Happened While I was Worshipping...

Notes & Transcripts

A Strange Thing Happened While I was Worshipping

Luke 1:5-25


Mary Visits Elizabeth

Luke 1:39-45

John Is Born

Luke 1:57-66

Zacharias’ Prophecy

Luke 1:67-80

It is important for us today to be worshippers of God.

I. Worship brings encounters with God and His angels

A. Our goal as the people of God

1. It should not be to come to church to have a good service.

2. It should not be to come into an area and simply have a good time of fellowship

3. Our goal should not be to perform services so that people will look to us and give us praise and glory and think that we are somebody special.

4. It is important for us today to be worshippers of God.

B. Zechariah’s goal was to dutifully perform his service to God as all good Jewish priests would do.

1. Zacharias was engaged in his act of worship- the ministering of the incense in the Temple

2. According to the Expositor’s Bible Commentary, Zacharias was part of a priestly rotation system that allowed each priest to minister in the Temple about twice per year.

3. It should be noted that Zechariah’s opportunity of ministering with the incense (which was the act of worship) was probably a once on a lifetime situation.

4. It is important for us today to be worshipers of God.

C. This was definitely a God encounter for Zechariah

1. His act of worship was probably a once in a lifetime thing. . .our act of worship can be (and should be) a daily, continual act

2. In Zechariah’s case, Gabriel, the angel of the Lord physically showed up and gave Zechariah a message of hope and future

a. He and his wife were barren- they had no children

b. Their barrenness was not because of sin, but was simply a physical, biological problem.

c. Having no children was a sign of shame in the Hebrew society. There was no one available to extend the family lineage.

d. Keep in mind that physical biological problems are great opportunities for God to be glorified in them.

It is important for us today to be worshippers of God.

3. The name given to Zechariah in part tells the story here. His name means “God remembers.” God remembers you and your need to, especially while you are worshipping Him.

Remember this, It is important for us today to be worshippers of God.

II. Encounters with God shut the mouths of the naysayers

A. Zechariah thought that the message from the angel was ludicrous. Besides, he and his wife were both in their advanced years.

B. The angel said to Zechariah, “And behold, you shall be silent and unable to speak until the day when these things take place, because you did not believe my words, which will be fulfilled in their proper time.”

C. When we worship God, He steps into a place where He is the center of our lives. When He is the center, nothing else matters and He, in turn, situates everything into its proper place and priority

D. There may be people in your life who are watching you, and in turn, not giving you very much hope; but know this, when we praise God, He shuts up the nay-sayers.

E. It is important for us today to be worshippers of God.

III. Encounters with God bring change all around us, including those who are watching us and living near us.

A. Zacharias’ act of worship was the culmination of a lifetime of faithfulness and righteousness.

B. His act of worship brought him a needed promise for him and his wife, Elizabeth

C. Yet, their act of worship brought a promise that extended far beyond their limits and understanding. Their son was to be the one who would be the forerunner of the coming Messiah; he would be the one to prepare His way

IV. The manner in which we worship.

1. (shachah) Meaning: to bow down

2. (qadad) Meaning: to bow down

3. (avad) Meaning: to work, serve

4. (segid) Meaning: to do homage

5. (athar) Meaning: suppliant, worshiper

6. (proskuneo) Meaning: to do reverence to Origin: from 4314 and kuneo (to kiss)

7. (sebo) Meaning: to worship

8. (latreia) Meaning: service

9. (threskeia) Meaning: religion


John 4:23- 24

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