The Situation at Shiloh 2 11-36

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The situation at Shiloh

1st SamUEL 2:11-36

Shilo=means place of rest


I.            Samuel’s progress (2:11, 26)

·         Samuel ministered unto the LORD

·                     Physical exercise is important

·                     People must be moral (Illus. Family Mart – Trash)

·                     Children must be taught spiritual truths early in life

·                     Samuel was becoming great before the Lord and with men

II.          the sins of the priesthood (12-17, 22-25)

·         Samuel came in response to a godly mother’s prayer.

·         God had a Divine reason.

·         Jud. 21:25―“In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as he saw fit”

·         This was also true of the priests.

·         Eli had lost control of his priestly sons

·         Eli’s sons corrupted Gods offering (12-17)

·         His sons engaged in fornication (22-25)

III.     the blessing of Samuel’s family (18-21)

·         Hannah gave Samuel to the Lord

·         Hannah still loved her son

·         She felt responsible to meet his needs

·         Hannah came yearly to Shiloh to attend to her son.

·         The Lord did not forget Hannah.

·         God gave Hannah three sons and two daughters

·         God gives us more than we ask.

IV.     the rejection of the priesthood (27-36)

·         God rejected the priesthood of Eli and his sons.

·         God sends an unnamed man of God to Eli

·         His message was to Eli and that his priesthood would end

·         WHY? Because he violated the conditions (vv. 29-33)

·         God would raise up . . . a faithful priest (v. 35)

·         Jesus is our High Priest (Ps. 110; Heb. 5:6; Rev. 19:16)

·         The priest represented man to God

·         Christ  sacrificed himself once on the cross four your sins

A.    As a priest Jesus does (3) things

1.      Christ represents the believer- Jesus lives forever

2.      Christ completely saves the believer – Heb 7:25

3.      Christ finished his priestly work(One offering) Heb 10:12


I.              Is Jesus your High Priest?

II.            Do you minter to God?

      ししき:21:25 そのころ、イスラエルにはがなく、めいめいが自分の目に正しいと見えることを行なっていた



      へブル5:6 別の個所で、こうも言われます。「あなたは、とこしえに、メルキゼデクの位に等しい祭司である。」

      黙示録19:16 その着物にも、ももにも、「王の王、主の主。」という名が書かれていた。

      へブル7:25 したがって、ご自分によって神に近づく人々を、完全に救うことがおできになります。キリストはいつも生きていて、彼らのために、とりなしをしておられるからです。


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