As the Deer (God's version)

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by Joe King

As the deer pants for the water, I the Lord long after you

You my child are my heart’s desire and I long to be with you.

How we talked when our love was new

But these past years our words grew few.

I’m your father and you’re my child, come sit with me a while.

You’ve been busy, so very busy, oh I do so understand

I have watched you and longed to touch you,

To soothe you with my hand.

I will rescue if you draw near,

But if you do not then for you I fear,

Sometimes when you never came, my tears were in the rain.

Well you pop in say how things have been,

in a moment you are gone.

You don’t see, what you mean to me

and that is why you don’t stay long

You can’t love someone that you don’t know

It’s time together that makes love grow

So draw near and don’t resist the communion of the kiss.

I’ll breathe life into your bones and resuscitate the fire.

Wait on me in my holy presence there you’ll find a new desire.

You’ll rise up on eagles wings, strength I’ll give to your weary limbs.

You my child are my heart’s desire and I long to be with you.

Yes I love to be with you. How I love to walk with you.

How I love to talk with you.

Do you long to be with me, as I long to be with you?

Source: Discipleship & Prayer classColumbia International UniversityDr. Rick Higgins2001/song by Joe King (no copyright info available)

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