Fatherly Compassion (Luke 15)

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Text:  Luke 15:11-24

Title:  Fatherly Compassion

CIT:  The father had acceptance for the prodigal son. 

Thesis:  Our heavenly father has compassion on our mistakes.

GO: Consecrational

SO:  That they will reexamine the compassion our heavenly father has for us.  

I.                   Where did you come from?

According to some popular psychologists, you are 80% like your parents

What was your family like?  More importantly what was your dad like?

Was he well off like the father in our scripture lesson? 

Were you as son like the son in this parable? 

This scripture was picked not for the son’s point of view bur for the father’s view.

IN this parable, Jesus combines the spiritual world with the physical in exploring God’s compassion for us. 

Of course it is just as important to note no earthly father is perfect. And thinking of your dad and you know he was less then perfect, think of God and what this story says a father should be.


The younger son was selfish and wanted his 1/3 of the land and cattle since this was the custom of the day.

He most likely sold these at below market value just to get cash.

He was so hungry and desperate he associated with what was unclean food and people according to Jewish law.

Due his deep thinking he returns home and asked to “be treaded like one of your hired hands”. (15:18-19)

II.                We Fall Down

I want to ask the fathers can you think of a time when your son or daughter fell down like the son in this story?  What did you do? 

To the son or daughter do you remember dad picking you up? 

This father in the parable of the lost son, is so gracious to see his son again he shows him unrestrained compassion.

Now there is a point to this.  How often have you fallen when your heavenly father was watching?  

                        Perhaps it was this morning, and you are still thinking of it.

                        Perhaps it was the unkind word you said to that person as they tailgated.

                        Perhaps it is a problem you have kept a secret for many years. 

You see the point of Jesus’ parable is not to condemn the lost but to show the lost what can be done.  Are you worthy of finding fatherly compassion?

The father in this parable showed unrestrained fatherly compassion and in doing so shot up praises to those who would listen because his son was lost but now is found. 

Dad’s how did it feel when you first found out your son or daughter was saved? 

Or to put this in another way, do you as children remember what it was like to be separated from your parents?

                        As I competed my BSN studies I was taught to notice the signs of a child in withdraw from their parents.   Speak of this.

Do you feel this way today? Have you given up so much that you’ll not even pick up the Bible to impress God and to keep him near?

We fall down, and we need to get up.

III.             We Find God’s Compassion


The parable ends with the son being accepted in grand compassion. 

Have you ever notice finding this grand splendor compassion may take a few years? 

Story of my steeling money.

I tell this story for two reason, 1) to show an example that being in our fathers will is not always easy or peaceful.  2) And because I now know that if my father would not have done this I would be just down the street sitting in a very small room for who knows how long.

Your heavenly father has his eyes on you, and his compassion waiting for you if you so choose to accept it.

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