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We Must Know to do

Notes & Transcripts


“We Must Know to do”

1. The Source of our Temptations (13-18)

a. Difference between trials and temptations (13)

b. We are all sinful creatures (14-16)

c. Everything that is truly good comes from God (17-18) (sin is taking good things God has given us and perverting them)

2. The Importance of Listening(19-21)

a. Be quick to hear and slow to speak and anger(19)

b. Anger of man = no Righteousness (20)

c. Get clean be saved (21) (not get clean then you are saved)

3. Listening is not Enough (22-27)

a. We must be does (22) (not talkers, not dreamers)

b. We must recognize our need for a savior (23-25) (The Law is not enough it must be seen through the person and work of Christ)

c. We must be in the World and not of it (26-27)

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