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Riley's Craving

Notes & Transcripts

Our grandson Riley (you knew if I was talking babies, I’d end up here, didn’t you), is without a doubt, the best-looking, fastest-growing, popular, smartest, and, in general greatest little kid alive. But he does have his moments. Like when we were coming back from vacation a couple of weeks ago. We thought we’d outsmart him and wait till bedtime to come home. That way, he’d just go to sleep. WRONG! What we forgot was that if we traveled at night, he’d be more tired then than at anytime during the day. He screamed a good part of the way home. No! I’m not exaggerrating when I say “screamed,” he screamed. Now what was his problem? He was one big desire at that point. He wanted to sleep; He wanted to be out of his chair; he wanted a bottle; he wanted something he wasn’t getting, but whatever it was he wanted, HE WANTED!! He was craving.

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