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“’The future is impossible to predict,’ said Jonah Lehrer, and the track record of people who make predictions for a living confirms it.” He was talking about political, economic, and social predictions. In a study of 284 prominent economists, foreign-policy specialists, and journalists, Lehrer discovered their predictions were less that 50% accurate. “In other words,” he said, “our political discourse is driven in large part by people whose opinions are less accurate than a coin toss.”

--The week, November 12, 2010, p. 16 Illustration by Jim L. Wilson and Rodger Russell

As haphazard as their results seem to be, they are remarkably more accurate than all the “theologians” who have attempted to predict the date of the second coming of Christ. Their percentage is a big fat zero. Yet, there are those who continue to take a stab at guessing the date. --see http://www.thepropheticyears.com/comments/countdown_to_second_coming.htm for an example.

Matthew 24:36 (NIV) "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

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