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The Old Testament Priest

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The Old Testament Priest

Exodus 28:1-30, 29:4-7; Leviticus 9:22-24, 21:16-22:16

Israel had no priest in Egypt. Priesthood is introduced only after the people have been redeemed. The Aaronic priesthood primarily illustrates the priesthood of the Lord Jesus Christ and, in a lesser way, the priesthood of the New Testament believer today. Christ functions as a Priest for His own people. The sinner does not need a priest, he needs a Savior.

1.  THE CALL OF AARON (Exodus 28:1-2)

2.  THE CLEANSING OF AARON (Exodus 29:4)


4.  THE CLOTHING OF AARON (Exodus 28:2)

a.  The coat (Exodus 29:5)

Expressive of the Lord's humanity

b.  The robe (Exodus 29:5)

Expressive of the Lord's deity

c.  The ephod (Exodus 28:6-30)

Expressive of the Lord's ability

d.  The mitre (Exodus 29:5-6)

Expressive of the Lord's authority

5.  THE COMMISSION OF AARON (Leviticus 9:22-24)

6.  THE COMMUNION OF AARON (Leviticus 21:16-22:16)

7.  THE CONDUCT OF AARON (Leviticus 21:1-15)

NOTE: There were some features connected with Aaron which could not, of course, have been even illustrative of the Lord Jesus. The Lord Jesus never needed cleansing. We, as priests, of course do. The Aaronic priesthood only illustrates the Lord's service as a Priest. His standing as a Priest stems not from Aaron but from Melchizedek.

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