This Man

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This Man

"This man!" How much the Bible so often packs into a phrase. What delightful fields of study are opened up to the searching soul by the pursuit of such a phrase up and down the byways of the Word! Think of what the Bible has to say about "this man!" "Never man spake like this man." "I find no fault in this man." "This man receiveth sinners."

1.  HIS CONVERSATION (John 7:46)

2.  HIS COMPASSION (Luke 15:2)

3.  HIS CONDUCT (Luke 23:41)

4.  HIS CAREER (John 11:47)


6.  HIS CLAIMS (John 6:52)

7.  HIS CONQUEST (Hebrews 10:12)

NOTE: Christianity is Christ! We cannot be too much occupied with Him. It is to be feared that today the great emphasis has moved away from Christ to the Holy Spirit. Yet the Holy Spirit's great work is to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ (see John 16:13-14 and compare v. John 16:15 and also John 14:26 and John 15:26). Any movement that emphasizes the Holy Spirit out of all proportion and is more occupied with Him than with the Lord Jesus is suspect. The Holy Spirit does have an important role in God's purposes for this age, but He keeps Himself in the background and draws our attention to Christ. Christ-centered preaching is the vital need of the hour.

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