Jesus Cleans Our Hearts and Lives

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John 2:14-16; Matthew 21:12

A man with an axe was attacked by a vicious dog, and in defending himself had to kill the animal. The owner was furious and asked the man how he dared kill his dog. The man replied that if he had not killed it, the dog would have torn him to pieces. “Well,” said the owner, “why did you hit with the blade? Why didn’t you just hit it with the handle?” “I would have,” replied the man, “if it had tried to bite me with its tail.” So, when I have to deal with sin, some people say, “Why don’t you go about it more diplomatically? Why don’t you choose less offensive words to describe it?” I answer, “I would, if it would bite me with its tail, but as long as it deals roughly with me, I will deal roughly with it; any kind of weapon that will help to slay the monster, I’m going to feel free to use.”


Jesus gives us 2 examples of dealing with a specific sin... in this case the leaders of the temple who allowed... and even profited from the money changers and live stock sales men in the temple. And as I was reading this a great illustration came to mind... At the beginning of his earthly ministry Jesus went into the temple and drove out the people who sold livestock and then again at the end of His ministry

Some times you hear people pray for the Holy Spirit to move in the church... all I'll say of that is if there is ever a day when the Holy Spirit IS NOT moving in the church there is a serious issue.

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