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Recent surveys have suggested Christianity is losing ground around the world. A new book,by author Jim Rutz says the truth is more exciting. Rutz claims a new, or even, the original form of biblically inspired evangelical Christianity is the fastest growing belief system on the planet, sweeping through places such as China, India, Africa, and Southeast Asia. In the book, Megashift, Rutz calls this fast growing segment of the population, “core apostolic” or “the new saints who are at the heart of the mushrooming kingdom of God.”

Rutz says the reason Christianity is overlooked as the fastest growing faith in the world is because most surveys look at traditional protestant denominations and the Roman Catholic Church; ignoring believers who are not part of either group. Rutz claims the church made of what he calls “switched on disciples” is exploding in growth and already numbers more than 700 million. He says at the current rate of growth the entire world could be composed of such believers by 2032. Rutz says, “The growing core of Christianity crosses theological lines and includes 707 million born-again people who are increasing by 8 percent a year.” He says events like those recorded at Pentecost in Acts chapter two are taking place every day around the world. He adds, “By tomorrow, there will be 175,000 more Christians than there are today.”

Christianity taking over planet, http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=245201; December 31, 2011, Illustration by Jim L. Wilson and Jim Sandell.

Matthew 24:14 (HCSB) This good news of the kingdom will be proclaimed in all the world as a testimony to all nations. And then the end will come.

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