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A.       Teach Them About God’s Holiness – Ps.111.10

1.         God is utterly holy, and His law therefore demands Perfect Holiness (Lev.11:44-45)

2.         Because He is Holy, God Hates Sin (Ex.20:5)

3.         Sinners Cannot Stand Before Him (Ps.1:5)


B.       Show Them their Sin – Exodus 20:12

1.         Sin is a Violation of God’s Law (1Jn.3:4)

2.         Sin is what makes True Peace Impossible for Sinners (Is.57:20-21)

3.         All Have Sinned (Rom.3:23)

4.         Sin Makes the Sinner Worthy of Death (Ezek.18:4)

5.         Sinners can do nothing to Earn Salvation (Is.64:6)

6.         Sinners can do nothing to change their own sin nature (Jer.2:22)

7.         Sinners are therefore in a Helpless State (Heb.9:27)


C.       Instruct Them About Christ and what He has Done – Jn.1:1-3, 14

1.         He is Eternally God (Jn1:1-3, 14)

2.         He is the Lord of All (Rev.17:14)

3.         He Became Man (Phil.2:5-8)

4.         He is Utterly Pure and Sinless (Heb.4:15)

5.         He Became A Sacrifice for our Sin (2Cor.5:21)

6.         He Shed His Own Bleed As An Atonement for our Sin (Eph.1:7)

7.         He Died on the Cross-To Provide the Way of Salvation (1Pet.2:24)

8.         He Rose From the Dead (Rom.1:4)

9.         His Righteousness is imputed to Those Who Trust in Him (1Cor.1:30)

10.     He Freely Justifies All Who Trust in Him (Rom.3:24)


D.       Tell Them What God Demands of Sinners – Acts 17:30

1.         Repentance (Ezek.18:32)

2.         Turn Your Hearts From All that Dishonors God (1Thess.1:9)

3.         Follow Jesus (Luke 9:28)

4.         Trust Him As Lord and Savior (Acts 16:31)


E.       Advise Them To Count the Cost Thoughtfully

1.         Take Up Your Cross (Mk.10:21)

2.         Be Prepared to follow Christ even to Death (Jn.12:24-25)


F.        Urge Them To Trust Christ Now – 2Cor.5:11

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