Don't Believe Everything you Hear

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And his strategy is often deception: He deceives us, tempts us, then accuses us. Neil Anderson wrote a very frank book on this back in the ‘90's entitled The Bondage Breaker. He deals at length with numerous experiences he had in helping people overcome Satanic attack. One of the chapters in the book is entitled, “Don’t Believe Everything You Hear.” One of the letters he included was from a defeated Christian who wrote:

My old feelings that life isn’t worth the trouble keep coming back. I’m scared, lonely , confused, and very desperate. I know deep down that God can overcome this, but I can’t get past this block. I can’t even pray. When I try, things get in my way. When I’m feeling good and I begin puttin into action what I know God wants me to do, I ‘m stopped dead in my tracks by those voices and a force so strong I can’t continue. I’m so close to giving in to those voices that I almost can’t fight them anymore. I just want some peace.

Those are the words of someone who is under attack. They are fighting the one who is hostile, accusing, active, opportunistic, intimidating, and deadly. Maybe you find yourself in the words of this letter. Maybe you’ve been under attack and have been “hearing the voices” too. O, I know you haven’t heard an audible voice, but there have been whispers in your heart telling you that God doesn’t love you; that you’re not worth anything; that nothing’s going to go well and that you are doomed to failure. They’ve been telling you that you just need to quit.

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