Chaste and Caught In Purity

Notes & Transcripts

Sermon on the seventh commandment

Title  Chaste

Theme:  believers ought to make chastity of all kinds a part of a thankful life

Goal:  to encourage believers to make chastity a part of thankful lives.

Need:  we often limit the seventh command to extra marital affairs.



a.     Sexuality is pure.

                                                             i.      Created by God-  Look at the garden.  No shame.  No covering up.  Nothing to hide.

                                                           ii.      For Husband and Wife alone.

1.     Not as it became, running around

2.     Its startling that there are at least a couple spots where Christ’s ancestry came through adultery.

a.     Judah and Tamar

b.     David and Bathsheba

                                                        iii.      Designed to be part of the covenant relationship of marriage.

b.     Adultery is one way that we break the seventh command.

                                                             i.      Sex outside of marriage is adultery.  It is a sin.  It should not happen.

                                                           ii.      Complex in our world that seems so hooked on sex.  How do you tell someone that their sexual relationship is not glorifying to God.

c.      Actions, look, talk, thoughts, desires.  All are adultery.  All are unchaste.

                                                             i.      If you look at a woman lustfully you commit adultery. Jesus says.

d.     We are called to purity as temples.

Conclusion:  Be pure.  That’s not just about not jumping in bed with someone you aren’t married to.  That means stop the extra marital relationships that shouldn’t be.  Be chaste.

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