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Sermon on Colossians 1:24-2:5


Theme:  The goal of ministry is Christ-like maturity.

Goal: to encourage believers to develop in their maturity.

Need:  Christians stagnate instead of steadily mature in their faith.


Introduction:  the location in the book of Colossians.



            Prayer Report

            His ministry

Introduction:  the situation is Gnosticism and false teaching:  People saying, you have to be given a certain super special revelation so you can obtain true understanding of Christ.

Paul is knows that the lack of depth in the true understanding of the faith may cause the believers to be swayed by false teachings about Christ and the way to come to know him.

We might experience the same thing:  The accusation of today’s generation is that we are incapable of going deep and contemplating faith and life in a sophisticated and educated way.

The way that Paul sees to go against this is to encourage the Christians in Colosse to understand the bigness of God in a deep and thorough way.

The main point is that Paul’s ministry and the goal of all ministry is to present perfect people before Jesus Christ.

How do we see that? Vs 24, 25, 27, 28, 29, 2:1 etc.

What is the goal of his ministry?

1.       Verses 28-29.  The goal is the perfection of his believers.

a.       Any one feel like saying, yeah, Good luck with that one Paul. Even Jesus says, who is good except the Father. 

b.      Perfection really is beyond our grasp isn’t it?

                                                                          i.      No:  Perfection = teleion.  The greek mindset of that word would be what we usually think of with the word would be completely without defect.

                                                                        ii.      But Paul seems to be using older usuage of the word here.  In the Hebrew OT framework, teleion meant, complete to the fullest extent.

                                                                      iii.      Mature:  That’s what we seek to be. Not perfect, but developed to the fullest extent. 

What is Christian Maturity?

                                                              i.      JI Packer a theologian around today says today we are pygmy Christians because we have a pygmy God. 

How do we become Mature Christians?

Oh, grow up.  Okay.  The goal of ministry is to bring people from a surface understanding of Christ to new depths.  The goal of our discipleship is to be deeply rooted in solid understanding of Christ. 

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