Preston's Horn

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Right after I arrived in Wilson, I met Bro. Preston Gregory. I still remember him speaking at some event and telling about a ritual of his own. He blows his horn. His car horn that is. He blows it at his wife three times.

Now, I have to tell you, blowing my horn at my wife just one time can earn me a trip to the dog house for a month, but it’s not that way with Preston. He blows his horn at his wife three time to say (pantomime) “I Love You.” Whenever he pulls out in the morning, he blows his horn, and I think she returns the favor when she goes somewhere.

Well, the only problem with blowing your horn is that your neighbors do not have “selective” hearing. In fact, all his neighbors would hear Bro. Preston when he would take off in the morning to go to work blowing his horn to say “I love you.”

One day, a little boy next door asked him, “Mr. Preston, why to you always blow your horn three times?” So Preston told him what it meant and then he told him, he said, “Listen son, you’re never going to hear me blow my horn again. O, I’m not going to stop doing it, but from now on when you hear that sound, you’re not going to hear my horn blowing, you’re going to hear me saying, “I love you.”

When you get right down to it. This celebration is not a ritual anymore than Preston’s honking was just blowing a horn. This celebration is God’s way of reminding us that He loves us.

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