Watchmen, Gatekeepers or Standard Bearers

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Sunday PM                                                                                       February 18, 2007

Opening Prayer

The Lord has been saying to some of us here.

That we are Watchmen, Gatekeepers or Standard Bearers.

This could be individuals or this whole body of believers.

The Lord has also been saying to us that He is going to use this body of believers.

          He says, “We have been faithful and trusting in stepping out.”

          He is going to use Anchor of Hope and this body of believers in a mighty way here in

          Dillingham and the Bristol Bay Region.

I received this Alaska Women’s Ministries Newsletter yesterday.

There is a Word here I will be reading, but first I would like to go to some scriptures.

Psalm 20:5 page 758

Psalm 60:4 page 798

Song of Solomon 2:4 page 950

These scriptures spoke of Banner or Standard Bearers

I Chronicles 26:12 page 583

Nehemiah 10:39 page 671

These scriptures spoke of Gatekeepers

Jeremiah 6:17 page 1065

This spoke of Watchmen

The Lord is speaking to Banner or Standard Bearers, Gatekeepers and Watchmen within this congregation.

When God uses us as Banner or Standard Bearers, Gatekeepers and Watchmen.

It means we are out in front.

We are on the front lines.

We are going to go out in to the battle first.

God has been speaking this over Anchor of Hope for the last year.

He really spoke about it at the Ladies Retreat.

Read Grace Like Rain by Teri Lundy.

This Word is confirms what God has been saying to us.

We need to get ready and watch for what God desires us to do and where He desires us to do it.

Closing Prayer

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