Women's Retreat 2-9-07

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First Annual Women’s Retreat                                                                   February 9-10-2007



The word “Trumpet” is mentioned 60 times

The word “Trumpets” is mentioned 44 times

The words “Ram’s Horn” is mentioned 5 times

There are “Silver Trumpets”

          These were made out of hammered silver, VERY expensive

There are “Trumpets”

          These are what are called “The Shofar”

          A Shofar is made out of the horn of the Kudu.

          Kudu comes from the Greek word “Kudos”

          Kudos means “To Bring Glory Too”


There are “Ram’s Horns”

          These are goat horns

When the Shofar is blown it means many things,

          depending on how and when you blow it.

In Exodus 19:13-17 – it calls down the presence of the Lord.

Numbers 10 – it calls the assembling of God’s people.

Judges 7:21-22 – it causes confusion in the enemy.

Psalm 150:3 – it is used to celebrate

Jeremiah 4:5 – it calls to battle

Revelation 8:1-6 – it brings judgment.

Ram’s Horn – Is like the “The Cry of the Father’s Heart”

          Joshua 6 – it brings down walls

When we blow the Shofar or the Ram’s Horn,

          Heaven moves.

                   Nehemiah 4:20 says, “Our God will fight for us.”

Blowing the Shofar is like the Voice of God coming forth.

Blowing the Shofar is like the Breath of God breathing on us.

Blowing the Shofar releases God’s Power

Blowing the Shofar shatters our enemy

          each time the Shofar is blown,

                  it goes into the air,

                             Satan is prince of the world

                                      Satan is prince of the air.

Blowing the Shofar brings God’s Presence closer to us.

There are many reasons we blow the Shofar.



          At the beginning of a battle

          To cause confusion during a battle

          To announce something

          To bring strongholds down

          To sound an alarm

          To assemble God’s people

          Used to worship the Lord

          Used to praise the Lord

There is so much more to Worshipping and Praising God,

          Than sitting, standing or singing.

True worship and praise is in and from our hearts,

          not from our mouth.


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