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In Vallejo, CA during the spring of 2011, Native Americans camped, without a permit on a 15-acre Glen Cove site managed by the greater Vallejo recreation district. They also used fire pits, without a permit. However, the park officials decided not to cite them for trespass, though they warned the handful campers to leave or to face prosecution. Instead of leaving, their numbers swelled to nearly a hundred.

What’s all the fuss about? The recreation district wants to develop the site to include additional bathrooms and parking. The protestors claim that their ancestors are buried there and consider the land “sacred.” Norman "Wounded Knee" DeoCampo, a descendant of the Miwok Indians said, "This is a spiritual encampment, and we are going to protect this site ... and stay here and fight for it."

The two sides were entrenched in their positions, until a federal mediator stepped in to help. Though the issue is still unresolved, they are talking again, and there is hope that a resolution is forthcoming.

--http://www.mercurynews.com/breaking-news/ci_17891650 Illustration by Jim L. Wilson

I’ve been there, haven’t you? There have been times when I needed a mediator to help me and someone else get past a problem that was gridlocking our relationship. Though I can’t think of many examples where I’ve needed one in adulthood, can remember many times that my Mother mediated a dispute between me and a sibling. Sometimes she assigned blame, but most of the times, she simply helped us get past our problem to enable reconciliation. Of course, I don’t mean to trivialize the problems the good people in Vallejo are having by comparing it to a childhood squabble, but I do know from experience that there are times in life when mediators are necessary.

So did Job.

Job 16:21 (NLT) “Oh, that someone would mediate between God and me, as a person mediates between friends.”

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