Honoring the Father

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Wednesday Night Bible Study                                                                    February 7, 2007

River Walk

Opening Prayer




I Samuel 2:30

Matthew 15:8


Or do you HONOR God only with your lips?

Do you come to church to worship God with a JOYFUL heart;

          because you GET to come,

                   because you GET to worship,

because you GET to tithe,

because you GET to serve any where or any way possible?

Than you honor God.

Do you come to church to worship God with a HEAVY heart,

because you HAVE to come,

                     because you HAVE to worship,

                             because you HAVE to tithe,

                                       because you HAVE  to serve some where or in some way?

Than you honor God with your lips.

Honoring God MUST be the ONLY thing on our minds.

Honoring God is something we GET to do.

We should never HONOR God because we HAVE to.

How many times have you come through those doors not wanting to be here?

Be honest, God already knows.

We need to get in the frame of mind to ALWAYS want to be in church.

We need to start putting God first:

          in our marriages,

                   in our jobs

                             in our finances

                                      in our children

                                                in our attitudes

                                                          in our actions

                                                                   in our lives

                                                                             in our minds

                                                                                      in our spirits

                                                                                                in our hearts.

How do we honor God?

How does Anchor of Hope honor God?

There is a saying,  I believe it is the Marines that say, “we are looking for a few good men.”

God is looking for “a few good and faithful servants.”

God has a “Remnant”


Are you going to be one of those good and faithful servants that HONORS God with your heart?

Are you part of His Remnant?

Closing Prayer

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