The Seven Churches

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The Seven Churches

1. Ephesus  

 A. The Meaning = Desirable

 B. The Positive = Hast Patience , hate evil , labor, detection of false teachers ,do not grown weary

 C. The  Negative  = Hast Left thy first love

 D. The first Church Age (30-110 A.D.).   80 years

2. Smyrna

A. The Meaning = Myrrh the perfumed used in anointing the dead .

 B. The Positive = the Church in Suffering

 C. The Negative = None

 D. The second Church age  (110-315 AD) 205 years

3. Pergamos

A. The Meaning = is tower and Marriage

B. The Positive = their Faith and not denying His name

C. The Negative = the doctrine of Balaam lose their separation

D. The Third Church Age (315-500) 185 years

4. Thyatira

A. The meaning , never tiring of sacrifice

B. The Positive = Charity and service , Faith and Patience

C. The Negative= because you let Jezebel to introduced Baal worship and continue their worship of idols

D. The Fourth Church Age (500-1500) 1000 years

5. Sardis

A. The meaning , escaping ones , remnant

B. The Positive = none

C. The Negative = dead works , imperfect works

D. The Fifth Church Age(1500-1750) 250 years

6. Philadelphia

A. The meaning , brotherly love .

B. The Positive = The church of the open door

C. The Negative = none

D. The Sixth church (1750-1910) 160 years


A. the meaning , peoples rights

B. the positive = none

C. the Negative = lukewarm , wretched , miserable , poor , blind , naked

D. The Seventh Church Age.(1910-to the Rapture) 101

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