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I was talking this week to a discipleship student of mine. He gave his heart to Christ and became a full follower about a year and a half ago. We finished discipleship and now meet to discuss the Bible and any questions that he has. We, in fact hope to begin discipling someone else together very soon.

I’ve just seen him grow so much, and it hasn’t all been easy. He has lost a very dear family member, has had some very significant health challenges that have made it even difficult for him to read the word of God. That didn’t stop him however. He got the Bible on tape and has been listening even while he found it hard to read.

Then a couple of weeks ago he found out that he faced a very significant surgery that is not without some risk. This week we just sat and talked about that. I expected him to be down and depressed, but he wasn’t. He told me something like this: “Since I have found the Lord, I don’t really worry. If I die, I’ll be ok. If I live I’ll be great.” He also said, “I didn’t like to attend church at one time. I had no interest. Now, I’ll come back from a weekend at the beach to be here to worship. Nobody makes me, I just want to!”

Do you know what that is? That is the grace that flows out of a process of growth. It is the desire and the power that come when you are strengthened by His Spirit in the inner man. So here’s the question: Are you filled with all the fullness of God? Do you have His grace?

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