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The greatest need our country stands in need of today is a revival of the people of God. We are much like the nation of Israel in the time of Isaiah. Their outlook was bleak and dark, Judah had lost one its greatest kings, and the nation had departed from God. With the nation being in peril Isaiah’s outlook was no doubt filled with despair and hopelessness. In our land today we have departed from God, and our on hearts are fearful, we filled with discouragement, doubt, despair, and uncertainties. Financial strain and immorality has filled our land.

I. A Vision of the Sovereign v.1-3

A. He Had a Divine Comprehension v.1-2

• “It is impossible to keep our moral practices sound and inward attitudes right while our idea of God is erroneous or inadequate.”

Many people today even consider or retain the thought of God in their minds. Those that do think of Him, for many it is without respect and reverence.

Sadly many Christians have lost the proper view of God. We have become dull and callused to the wonder of Him. But today, we as God's people need to see once again the Glory of God and stand in awe of Him. For He is......

1. A Glorious King

a. A Throne of Glory

1. Sits in Royalty = Clothed in majesty and is to be worshipped and adored as King of Kings

b. A Throne of Government

1. Sits as Ruler = sovereign over the affairs of men. Nothing is out of His reach, or beyond His control. He has authority over all the heavens and earth. And we must willing subject ourselves under His sovereign rule.

Ps 95:3 For the LORD is a great God, and a great King above all gods.

c. A Throne of Grace

1. Sits as Redeemer

a. We can come boldly (Heb.4)

B. He Heard a Declared Character v.3

1. Sits in Righteousness = Holy meaning to separate. Holiness primary meaning is God’s positive quality of self affirming purity; It stands for His complete separation from sin. God is absolutely pure and separate (and above all His creation) and also separate from sin and evil.

2. From His Holiness all other attributes flow, Judgment, love, grace, etc.

3. His holiness is the hymn of adoration and praise now and forever. Rev.4

II.A Vision of the Sin v.5-7

A.A Genuine Confession v.5

1. Conviction = Came by being in the light of God’s holiness The true standard.

a. Caused a self-evaluation. Woe unto me = to be in ruin or dead

1. I’m undone = to be speechless. He recognized he had no legitimate excuse for himself. (We have no excuse!)

2. I’m unclean = State of being defiled or polluted. (We are defiled!)

2. Condemnation = Isaiah realized that his sin had left him in a state of deadness and ruin, and that there was nothing he could say in his defense. He saw his sin as God saw it, and that it was something that must be confessed and forsook.

B.A Gracious Cleansing v.6-7

1. Isaiah was in need of the grace of God. (We are in need of the grace of God!)

2. God responded to Isaiah’s confession. The alter, a place of blood sacrifice. Isaiah’s sins had been atoned, blood had been provided by a substitutionary death. Christ is our substitute. 1Jn 1:9

3. No longer was Isaiah carrying around his guilt, his dread, his despair, but he was set free.

III.A Vision of the Service v.8-9

A.A Sincere Commitment v.8

1. Anxious to serve. He wanted to give his life to the service of God.

2. Sensitive to the voice of God. With his heart now in tune with God, he was able to hear the call to service. When we get right and real with God the church will once again hear and answer the call of God, and with an attitude of delight, and not dread. We will be anxious and excited to serve.

B.A Sovereign Commission v.9

1. Go And tell this people

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