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Recently, NASA put several rare artifacts and trinkets from the history of manned space exploration up for auction. Items featured included a letter from Astronaut Neil Armstrong about his first words on the moon, a training glove Armstrong wore, and even the first version of the King James Bible to journey to the lunar surface and back. Most people didn’t know about the bibles because NASA logged them, which were contained on microfilm, as “small microfilm packets.”

The first lunar Bible went to the moon abroad Apollo 14 in February 1971. Astronauts were allowed to take small personal preference kits with them, but strict weight limits imposed on the flights meant the Bible had to be printed on something small like a piece of microfilm. Lunar Module Pilot Edgar Mitchell brought the Bible with him to honor Apollo 1 astronauts Ed White, Gus Grissom, and Roger Chaffee who died in a cabin fire during the early days of the Apollo program. Ed White had always dreamed of taking a Bible to the moon, and Mitchell made that dream a reality. Bobby Livingston, VP of sales with the auction company, said the Bible is an inch and a half square and contains all 1245 pages of the King James Version. Livingston said the words are so small you have to have a microscope to read them. He added, “A lot of astronauts brought religious symbols, like crosses, into space with them. This was just one of the many Bibles that made it down to the surface.”

--Faith in Space: Behind the Mission to Land a Bible on the Moon, http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2011/09/02/faith-in-space-behind-secret-mission-to-land-bible-on-moon ; September 2, 2011, Illustraton by Jim L. Wilson and Jim Sandell.

No matter where we go, God is there and ready to guide us.

Psalm 139:8-10 (GW) (8) If I go up to heaven, you are there. If I make my bed in hell, you are there. (9) If I climb upward on the rays of the morning sun {or} land on the most distant shore of the sea where the sun sets, (10) even there your hand would guide me and your right hand would hold on to me.

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