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Introduction: We sometimes use words talking about God that are not used in ordinary conversation. These are special words that we, as Christians, tend to reserve for God. Unfortunately, the meanings of these words are not always clear because we don’t use them much. One such word that this lesson is about is Majesty.

I. Definitions

A. Supreme power, authority, or dignity

1. Greatness

2. Magnificence

3. megalwsunh

a. From megas, great, denotes greatness, majesty; it is used of God the Father, signifying His greatness and dignity

b. The use of “Majesty” as a title for God may be rendered in some languages as “the one who is truly great” or “... truly important.” In other instances a more satisfactory equivalent is “the one who is truly wonderful.” Louw - Nida

c. Immeasurable greatness

B. Synonyms

1. Exalted

2. Splendid

3. Grand

4. Glory

5. Beautiful

II. Scriptures exalting God

A. Exodus 15:1-3, 6-8, 11-12

B. Deuteronomy 33:26-29

C. Psalm 8

D. Psalm 93

E. Hebrews 1:3; 8:1

F. Jude 24-25

III. Bible pictures of God’s glory

A. Revelation 4-5

B. Isaiah 6:1-9

C. Ezekial 1-2 (1:26-28)

Conclusion: No one is worthy of true majesty except God. We need to be honoring Him as the Unique One.

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