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Let Christ's Love Flow Among Us (1 Corinthians 12:1-31).

Notes & Transcripts

Paul speaks about ‘gifts of the Spirit.’

They are ‘given for the common good’ (4-7). We’re not ‘to show off’: ‘Look at me. The Church can’t do without me.’

When we draw attention to ourselves rather than Christ, we are not living ‘by the Spirit of God.’

He moves us to say, with our whole heart, ‘Jesus is Lord’ (3).

We live in fellowship with one another: ‘the body does not consist of one member but of many’ (14). ‘I’m happy - as long as I’m getting my own way’: We can do without this kind of attitude!

What about ‘the common good’? Sometimes, things don’t go according to my plan. Perhaps, my plan needs revising - to take account of ‘the common good.’

When self raises its ugly head - ‘It’s my way or no way at all’ - let’s not forget the ‘still more excellent way’ (3).

It is the way of love - Christ’s love!

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