1 Samuel 1:1-20

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Notes & Transcripts

I. Tudors Show

a. Come in ½ way through

b. Description of show

c. Anne as hero

II. Tudors – problems of Anne

a. Why she is childless

b. Creation of Anglican church

c. Anne tries to prove her worth

III. Why I gravitate toward villains in story

a. Anne blames others

b. Wishes first wife dead in casual passing

IV. Read Bible – really question myself!

a. Story of birth of Samuel – same as Tudors

b. Hero is Hannah – why you sympathize with her

c. Why I don’t sympathize with her

i. Brat

ii. Makes big deal at family celebration

V. Pilgrimage to Shiloh

a. Thanksgiving & Easter

b. Big meal

c. Worship

d. Hannah protests because can’t conceive

VI. I sympathize with villains

a. Husband finally says “look – you have me, it’s not like you’re alone”

b. Other wife, Peninnah gets on her case

i. Could be more diplomatic, but I’d be fed up too

c. They keep trying to calm her down, but she gets right back up and protests, year after year, as if they can do anything about her pregnancy

VII. God comes into picture

a. Think justice will be served

b. But God gives in

c. Hannah says she is “deeply troubled” – means obstinate or stubborn spirit

d. God gets tired after she promises to do anything – as if her barter is worthy

e. But, it worked – despite promise to God, despite getting back up

VIII. That is the why

a. She got up – Hannah rose

b. Rose before the Lord

IX. Hannah does something different this year

a. Stood before the Lord

b. Redefined her problem – her existence

c. No longer asked for a child for husband or to serve society

d. Wanted to do something for Lord

e. Promise for short time vs. long time

X. God says “Yes – this is what I wanted all along”

a. Define yourself in service to me and my kingdom

b. This is why God relented … and why I am a villain

c. Envy Hannah but am not like her – might help out here and there

XI. Story from CNN – Jordan

a. Great athlete, captain of golf team

b. Good looking, smart, scholarships awaited

c. Boating trip, 16, scuba diving, peace over him, lost legs

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