No Financial Need is Too Large

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No Financial Need is Too Large

By Ken Horn

I. Put your finances in perspective.

A. Measure your success by riches in heaven.

_ Luke 12:16-21

_ Psalm 37:16

B. Be a giver, even in your time of need.

_ - Luke 6:38

_ - Malachi 3:10

_ - Luke 11:42

Note: There are other ways to give besides financially.

C. Be content with, and thankful for, what you have.

_ Philippians 4:11

“To have more, desire less.”

Note: True prosperity is being “rich towards God.”

D. Recognize God as your source for all the good that comes into your life.

_ - Philippians 4:19

_ - James 1:17

II. Bring your need to God.

A. Know that God cares about you and your needs.

_ Luke 12:6-7

_ Matthew 10:29-31

B. Ask God for help.

_ Matthew 7:7

_ Matthew 6:11

C. Make God’s Kingdom your first priority.

_ Matthew 6:33

III. Trust God to meet your needs.

A. Reject worry.

_ Matthew 6:31-32

B. Delight in the Lord, not in your possessions.

_ Psalm 37:4

C. Believe God no matter how difficult the circumstances.

_ Luke 17:6

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