Sin, Judment ... And Salvation (Genesis 3)

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From the majestic perfection of God and the privileged responsibility of humanity, we now move to the evil subtlety of Satan. An intruder has sneaked into the privileged place between God, the Creator, and mankind, His creation.

Chapter 2 ends with the absence of shame. Chapter 3 begins with the presence of Satan. The work of Satan, successfully executed, ensures that chapter ends rather differently from chapter 2 - “the Lord God sent the man out of the Garden of Eden” (v. 23).

This was “Paradise Lost”. Was there a way to “Paradise Regained”? There are two answers to this question: “No” and “Yes”. Taking ourselves as the starting-point, the answer is “No”. God will not permit us to take salvation into our own hands (v. 24). Starting with God, the answer is “Yes”. This is the answer of verse 15: Christ (the woman’s descendant will be crucified (the bruising of His heel), but the outcome of this will be the defeat of Satan (the crushing of his head).

Sin, Judgment ... And Salvation (Genesis 3:1-24)

Genesis 3:1 - "The serpent" (Satan) raises doubts - "Has God said?

Genesis 3:2-3 - The woman tells Satan what "God has said."

Genesis 3:4 - Satan contradicts God's Word. Note the progression from questioning God's Word to contradicting His Word.

Genesis 3:5 - "Your eyes will be opened." You will see everything in a different way. You will know "good" as something you've lost. All you'll have left is "evil." That's not exactly how Satan said it would turn out. What can you expect from someone who contradicts God's Word? - Nothing but lies!

Genesis 3:6 - This is the beginning of sin. We listen to Satan. We do what he says - instead of listening to God and doing what He says.

Genesis 3:7 - "Their eyes were opened." They saw what they had become through their disobedience to God's Word.

Genesis 3:8 - Sin leads to hiding from God.

Genesis 3:9 - "Where are you?" Why is God looking for them? Is this nothing more than the voice of accusation? There is something more than that. There is the voice of love.

Genesis 3:10 - The sinner does not hear the voice of God as the voice of love. He hears only the voice of accusation.

Genesis 3:11 - More questions from God - He makes us think about what we have done.

Genesis 3:12 - Passing the buck!

Genesis 3:13 - More passing the buck!!

Genesis 3:14 - Here, we have the Word of judgment - but that's not the only Word that God speaks to the sinner.

Genesis 3:15 - This is the Word of salvation. It's the first prophecy of Satan's defeat. Christ will win the victory over Satan.

Genesis 3:16-19 - Sin has its consequences!

Genesis 3:20-24 - In these verses, we read about "the tree of life." Here, we catch a glimpse of Christ who died on the Cross for us. It's through His death that we receive eternal life.

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