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A Florida man recently took a picture that has a lot of people in the Tampa Bay area talking. Oscar Hendrix was taking pictures of rainbows while driving near Lake Okeechobee. Though Hendrix is not a professional photographer, he says the [picture stunned him. It shows a white cloud against a darkened sky, and many say they see a figure in the image. Hendrix told a local paper, “When I got to this picture, this image of this man in the sky, it blew my mind because it looked just like Jesus.”

Other residents who have seen the picture say it could be a figure of some kind, but not everyone is willing to say it looks like Jesus. Hendrix is not discouraged though, he added, “It looked like Jesus Christ with something in his hand, and it to me looked like a dove, and so that blew my mind.”

--Man says photo shows Jesus in the clouds, http://www.baynews9.com/content/news/baynews9/news/article.html/content/news/articles/bn9/2012/3/11/jesus_cloud_gets_peo ; March 14, 2012. Submitted by Jim Sandell.

Acts 1:10-11 (CEV) (10) but as he went up, they kept looking up into the sky. Suddenly two men dressed in white clothes were standing there beside them. (11) They said, "Why are you men from Galilee standing here and looking up into the sky? Jesus has been taken to heaven. But he will come back in the same way that you have seen him go."

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