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Lord, we thank You for Jesus ...

Notes & Transcripts
  • Lord, we thank You for Jesus – risen from the dead, and living in us! We remember Jesus’ resurrection – and we give thanks with great joy.

We think of Jesus, living in us – and we’re learning to live each day in His power.

Through Your power, Jesus came from death to life.

Through His risen power, we leave behind what we once where and we become what You call us to be.

    • Lord, we thank You that Your way is the best way.

It’s ‘make up your mind’ time. Every day, we must make up our mind – Will it be the way of the world? Will it be the way of the Word?

It cannot be both. It must be one or the other.

Lord, help us to choose Your way. Help us to keep on choosing Your way.

May we always know, in our hearts, that Your way is the best way.

    • Lord, You are more important than we are.

We serve You. You save us. We preach – but we cannot save! It’s only You who can save.

May we never forget that, without You, we are nothing and we can do nothing – nothing of any lasting value, nothing that will really count for eternity.

If we are to achieve anything in Your service, it will only be when You are working in us and through us.

    • Lord, we thank You for your perfect plan of salvation.

We thank You for the perfect obedience Jesus offered to You. We thank You for the perfect sacrifice Jesus made for us.

Perfect – That’s the last word we would use to describe ourselves. We’re anything but perfect. We’re very far from being perfect.

We thank You, lord, that You’re so very different from us: You’re the perfect God, Your Son is the perfect Saviour and Your salvation is the perfect salvation.

    • Lord, when we are tempted, help us to remember Jesus.

He was tempted, help us to remember Jesus.

He was tempted – but He was not defeated. He was not defeated – He was victorious.

How did Jesus win the victory? How can we win the victory?

Jesus took His stand upon Your Word.

This is the way Jesus went. This is the way we must go. It’s the way of Your Word. It’s the way of victory.

Thank You, Lord, for Jesus. In Him, we have the victory.

    • Lord, help us not to lower our guard.

There are times when it seems like Satan is leaving us alone.

Soon, it will change – He’ll be back again, and he’ll be more determined than ever.

When Satan seems to be such a determined enemy, help us to remind him that he’s also a defeated enemy.

When Satan comes to us, help us to be ready for him. Help us to face him in the all-victorious name and the all-conquering power of Jesus.

    • Lord, we thank You for Jesus, our Team Leader.

Before the call to leadership, there’s the call to be lead by the greatest Team Leader of all – Jesus.

Jesus calls us to follow Him – to walk in His footsteps.

It’s not about saying, “Jesus is our Team leader”, and then doing our own thing. It’s about following Him. It’s about praying, ‘Your will be done.’

Lord, help us to follow Jesus. Help us to look at how He lived - and to become more like Him.

    • Lord, help us to be doers of Your Word.

Hearing Your Word is easier than doing Your Word.

We hear what You’re saying to us – but do we do what You’re telling us to do?

This is the great question we must always ask ourselves. It’s the great question that You’re always putting to us.

It’s a question that calls for an answer – ‘Not my will but Yours be done’ (Matthew 26:39).

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