The Work of the Potter

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The Work of the Potter

Jeremiah 18:1-6

I.          The Potter and His Work.

            A. He molds the clay into the form of the vessel in mind.

                        1) On a wheel

                        2) With his hands

            B. He constantly inspects the clay as he works with it for inconsistencies.

            C. When he finds one, he reworks the clay, or smashes it down, and begins again.

D. This procedure is repeated time after time on each lump of clay, until he has completed the vessel.

E. Only when the lump meets his standard, will it be exposed to the fires of the kiln.

II.         Israel and the Potter.

            A. Israel is like the clay and God is working on them.

            B. They are marred and God desires to rework them.

            C. They need to turn to Him again.

III.       Us and the Potter.

            A. We are the clay on the wheel.

            B. We are marred and in need of rework.

            C. Because He will not discard us, He will work and rework us as long as it takes.

D. When He is finished with us, He will expose us to the refining fires of His holiness, where we shall be a permanent vessel in His kingdom.

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