You've Eaten One of My Socks!

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This young couple were about to get married. The young man went to his Dad and said, "I’m a bit apprehensive about getting married, Dad". "Why, son", said the Dad. "Well, I’ve got terribly smelly feet Dad and it’ll be so embarrassing when my wife finds out". "Don’t worry about it, son, just be sure to go to bed with your socks on and she’ll never notice the smell. You’ll be fine".

Meanwhile, the young lady goes to her mother and tells her, "I’m a bit worried about getting married, Mum, because I’ve got terrible bad breath in the mornings and it’ll be so embarrassing when my husband finds out". Mum says to her daughter, "Don’t worry, dear. All you need to do is, be sure not to open your mouth first thing in the morning. Don’t say a single word until you’ve been to the bathroom and brushed your teeth.

The wedding goes off fine and for six months they each manage to keep their secrets safe. Then one morning at about 5.00am the young husband wakes up and suddenly realises one of his socks has come off in bed. He frantically rummages around under the bed clothes trying to find this elusive smelly sock when suddenly his young wife wakes up. As he pops his head out from under the blankets she says to him, "What on earth are you doing"? He replies, "Oh my goodness, YOU’VE EATEN ONE OF MY SOCKS"!

Source: SermonCentral, September 2012

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