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TEXT: MK. 5: 25-34 BG: MATT. 11:28-30

A. HER CONDITION (vv. 25-26)

1. Horrible Condition (v. 25)

a. Bad

1) She had an issue of blood

2) Lev. 15:19, 25

b. Bleak

1) Lacking in warmth, life or kindliness

2) Loss of blood symbolized a loss of life

3) It is believed in some theological realms that a bodily discharge is a reminder of sin and death

4) Therefore a bleeding or discharging body lacks wholeness and is consequently unclean

5) Furthermore the loss of blood can lead to death

6) And death is the antithesis, or direct opposite, of normal, healthy life

c. Some of us in here today are facing horrible conditions

2. Helpless Condition (v. 26a)

a. Desperate

1) She ‘had suffered many things’ of ‘many physicians’

2) She had tried every 900 number

3) Had seen every palm reader

4) Had ordered every prayer cloth and all the miracle water

b. Destitute

1) Lacking something needed or desirable

2) Lacking possessions and resources

3) She had ‘spent all that she had’

3. Hopeless Condition (v. 26b)

a. Lonely

1) Because she didn’t get better only worse

b. Longing

1) For a healing

B. HER CONDUCT (vv. 27-28)

1. Hopeful (v. 28)

a. Faith

1) “If I may”

2) Faith = belief

b. Function

1) “she came”

2) Function = operating in that belief

2. Humble (v. 27)

a. Wasn’t seeking a show

b. Didn’t want any notoriety

c. Not seeking any attention

d. She just wanted to touch the hem of His garment

e. Lu. 18:9-14 – the parable of the Pharisee and the publican


1. In order for her to have contact there had to be some absolutes

2. Available

a. Elijah and the prophets of Baal (1 Kgs. 18:20-40)

b. From morning to noon they cried out, but there was no voice

c. At noon Elijah mocked, “maybe he is talking, or he is pursuing, or he is in journey or peradventure he sleeps and must be awakened”

3. Accessible

4. Able


1. She came broken, she left peaceful

2. She came sorrowful she left joyful

3. She came to be healed but she left whole

a. Plague = Roman flagellum (whip); affliction

b. She was being whipped

c. So Jesus not only healed her physically but he denounced her affliction

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