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Following the pattern of concerts of prayer over the past 250 years, as well as prayer movements emerging nation­wide and world-wide today, here is one model of a format for a two-hour Concert of Prayer.

The approach provides not only a satisfying experience during a prayer concert, but can be adapted for use in a variety of churches, fellow­ships and ministries so that the vision and ministry of unit­ed prayer may spread.


Celebration (15 minutes)

¨   Praise in hymns and choruses, focused on awakening and mission.

¨   Reports of God’s answers to prayers offered up during previous concerts.

¨   Prayers of praise for God's faithfulness, for His kingdom, for His Son.

Preparation (20 minutes)

¨   Welcome to the concert!

¨   Overview: Why are we here?

¨   Biblical perspectives on what we’re praying toward (i.e., awakening, mission).

¨   Preview of the format.

¨   Teaming-up in partners and in huddles.


Dedication (5 minutes)

¨   Commitment: to be servants through prayer and to be used in answer to our prayers.

¨   Thanksgiving: for the privilege of united prayer and for those with whom we unite.

¨   Invitation for Christ to lead the concert and to pray through us.

¨   Hymn of praise.

¨   As a whole -- for world evangelization.

¨   Pause to listen to our Father.

¨   Chorus.

Seeking of Fullness/Awakening in the Church (30 minutes)

¨    In partners—for personal revival.

¨    In huddles—for awakening in our local churches and ministries.

¨    As a whole—for awakening in the church world-wide ‘Pause to listen to our Father.

¨    Chorus.

Testimonies:  What Has God Said to Us Here? (10 minutes)

¨    On fullness (awakening).

¨    On fulfillment (mission).

Grand Finale (10 minutes)

¨    Offering ourselves to be answers to our prayers and also to live accordingly.

¨    Prayer for God’s empowerment in our own lives for ministry.

¨    Prayer for prayer movements locally and world-wide.

¨    Offering praise to the Father who will answer our con­certs of prayer.

¨    Leave to watch and serve “in concert.”

Seven Themes in Concerted Prayer

I.  Preparation

¨   Prelude (15 minutes beforehand).

¨   Worship and praise (10 minutes).

¨   Welcome and introductions (7 minutes)

II. Biblical Vision -- A Call to the Hope (20 minutes)

III.  Concerted Prayer Toward the Hope (1 hour and 35 min­utes)

¨   An invitation for Christ to lead us by the Holy Spirit (3 minutes)

A.    Rejoice

     B.   Repent

C.       Resist

D.       Restore

E.        Release

F.        Receive

G.       Recommit

IV.            Grand Finale

¨   Celebration (13 minutes)

¨   Benediction (2 minutes)

¨   Postlude (played as people leave)

An offering may be included after the welcome or as part of the time of recommitment.  In either case, additional music may take place during the offering.



"A Call To Prayer: A Season Of Harvest"  Cincinnati, OH: Standard Publishing, 1992

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