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After a tornado struck the community of Shawnee Oklahoma, a Bible found in the debris ministered to many people besides the original owners. A stormchaser, Brandon Heiden actually witnessed the twister strike the home of Lance Carter. Heiden shot video of the storm and then stopped to be sure everyone was alright afterwards. While on Carter’s property, Heiden saw a Bible in the wreckage, and took of picture of it. The Bible was open to Isaiah chapter 32 which reads, “A man will be as a hiding place from the wind, and a cover from the tempest.” Later, Gage Ross came to help his friends clean up their property. He saw the Bible still open to the same page, and discovered it did not belong to Carter. Though some of the debris on Carter’s property came from miles away, it turned out the Bible belonged to the people who lived in a trailer home behind Carter’s property. The trailer was totally destroyed, but Michael Alexander and his fiancé had taken shelter miles away. The Bible had only traveled a few hundred feet, and was quickly returned to its traumatized owners. Though Alexander and Carter lost their homes and belongings in the storm, Gage Ross said, when he saw the words in the open Bible, it comforted him. He said, “The Lord must be with us, I guess.”—Jim L. Wilson and Jim Sandell

Lost Bible discovered in tornado debris, returned, by Ali Meyer, http://kfor.com/2013/05/20/lost-bible-discovered-in-tornado-debris-returned, Accessed May 20, 2013.

Isaiah 32:2-3 (CEV) They will be a place of safety from stormy winds, a stream in the desert, and a rock that gives shade from the heat of the sun. (3) Then everyone who has eyes will open them and see, and those who have ears will pay attention.

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