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Most of the cars built in the 1970s are long gone, but a small spacecraft launched in 1977 is still going, traveling through space at 38,000 miles an hour. Voyager 1 has been on a journey for 35 years and is now 11 billion miles from the sun. Ed Stone signed on with the mission in 1977 and only expected it was last 5 years. Stone says the spacecraft is on the verge of bursting through the bubble our sun creates around itself and will become the first manmade vehicle to reach interstellar space. He says Voyager 1 still records data on an eight-track tape and is less sophisticated than a cell-phone or iPod. Yet, the vehicle has made some important discoveries such as volcanoes on a moon of Jupiter called Io, and sent back important information about the rings of the planet Saturn. Stone says to conserve power, Voyager’s functions are slowly being shut down, but it will continue to function until around 2025. He says the spacecraft is extending man’s reach further every day. He added, “This mission probably has had more discoveries than any other planetary mission ever had, because it’s seen so many different worlds.”—Jim L. Wilson and Jim Sandell

Voyager is approaching solar system's outer limit, http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-18563_162-57586758/voyager-is-approaching-solar-systems-outer-limit, Accessed May 29, 2013

1 Corinthians 15:58 (CEV) (58) My dear friends, stand firm and don't be shaken. Always keep busy working for the Lord. You know that everything you do for him is worthwhile.

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