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Speaking to a group of church leaders, author, filmmaker, and pastor Erwin McManus reminded them that the Bible remains relevant when reaching out to younger generations. The statistics concerning Bible engagement among the Millennial generation, born between 1981 and 2000, are not encouraging. Bible Society research has shown that one in three people in this age group are antagonistic toward the bible, church, and God. 70 percent of them rarely or never read the Bible. McManus said the research may be misleading. He thinks younger people are not attracted to the Bible because they are seeking authenticity and truth. He said these people are not running away from God, but running away from the idea of people pretending to love God, but actually living hollow, meaningless lives. They don’t realize what they are looking for is in the Scriptures. McManus said, “We’re not changing people’s minds about what they’re running from, we’re changing their minds about what they’re running to.” He added, ”We think that this generation has walked away from the scriptures because we’ve called them to too much, but I’m saying they’ve walked away from the scriptures because we’ve called them to too little.”

—Jim L. Wilson and Jim Sandell.

Erwin McManus on Reaching Younger Generations: 'The Bible Is Not an Antiquated Text', by Jeff Schapiro, http://www.christianpost.com/news/erwin-mcmanus-on-reaching-younger-generations-the-bible-is-not-an-antiquated-text-105332, Accessed September 26, 2013.

Matthew 22:29 (NASB) But Jesus answered and said to them, "You are mistaken, not understanding the Scriptures nor the power of God.

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