Friday Plan - Third Week of Easter - Year I

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                  FRIDAY – THIRD WEEK OF EASTER

Saint Teresa of Avila said:

In the Blessed Sacrament,

we have Jesus just as truly present as he was then.

In Communion, the event is happening now,

just as he walked on earth, and it is entirely true.”

In today’s Gospel, Jesus insists

that in the Eucharist he is really present.

His flesh is real food; his blood is real drink.

He invites us to eat his Body and drink his Blood.

He asks us to come and receive the Eucharist,

because he wants us to have real life –

the life which he gives.

We offer this Mass in memory of Joe Abbas.

Coming together as God’s family,

        with confidence let us ask the Father’s forgiveness,

                for he is full of gentleness and compassion.

I confess to almighty God…

Let us pray to God our Father for all humankind,

for the whole Church, and for all here present.

We pray / that we may ever have the bread of life.

We pray to the Lord.


Lord God, teach us at all times to fear and love your holy name,

for you never withdraw your guiding hand

from those you establish in your love.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.

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