Life After the Resurrectioin

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Intro: Punctuation Easter illustration

Life after the resurrection - joy, peace, hope - suffering, persection.

Background to Romans 8 - Paul's letter to the Romans

Present suffering not worth comparing to future glory

Glory: majestic beauty, splendor, magnificance of Christ in us

(ex. childbirth, waiting in line for a video game system)

In the meantime - between suffering and glory we can do three things:

1) Wait

with an attitude of eager expection

with an attitude of hope (to believe, desire or trust)

with an attitude of patience

2) Pray - Holy Spirit prays for us; Jesus Christ is praying for us

3) We have the assurance of 4 things:

a) God is working

b) God has a purpose

c) God is on our side (he is for us)

d) God loves us

In the midst of our suffering - God has not abandoned us

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