Luke 6:20-48 The Sermon on the Plain

Notes & Transcripts

1. Intro: Have you ever been asked the question of what it would be like if Jesus lived in our modern world, in our modern context. We read the Bible and within it's pages we see a Jewish Messiah and a Jewish culture with other ancient cultures. We see how Jesus acted then and what He said then and there, but how would He act in our world? Today we get a chance to take a look at the answer to that question. We are going to be covering what life will look like as it is lived through a child of God by the power of the Holy Spirit.

2. Luke 6:20-26

1. Subject: The Beatitudes

2. Objective: Teaching the Blessings and warnings of certain everyday life conditions according to God's Kingdom.

1. Question: Was this the same teaching as that told in Matthew? This is actually a different sermon, indicated by the fact that he was in the plain. In Matthew he was teaching on the mount.

2. Question: Why were warnings mixed in with how to be blessed? It is interesting that some would say the difference is that here in Luke the focus seems to be on the socioeconomic conditions of first-century Israel and in Matthew it is more spiritualized. Faithlife Study Bible.

1. It is interesting that as we look at the 4 blessings and the 4 woes we notice that it follows the teachings of Jesus that whose who are willing to lose their life will save it, but those who love their life will by all means lose it. In today's vernacular we could use the saying immediate gratification verses long term gratification only with the Kingdom of heaven as the ultimate goal.

3. Luke 6:27-38

1. Subject: Rules For Kingdom Living

2. Objective: Jesus was not calling here for unhealthy responses, nor setting forth a political or social agenda, nor offering a statement of public policy, nor constructing a model for business and finance. Instead, He posed a tough challenge to His followers—to those “who hear” (6:27): What difference does our faith make in the way we respond to people in need? That’s the key—our response to human need. That shows the true condition of our hearts. Do we respond to people as God Himself does, with mercy (6:36)? Word in life study Bible. (1996). (electronic ed., Lk 6:29). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson.

3. It was clear to the crowd that were mixed with Gentiles and Romans who the Jews would have thought their enemies were.

1. Luke 6:29- Some look at this verse as a contradiction. This is not a contradiction the difference is the audience.

2. What is the importance of the cloak and the tunic? The Cloak was known as the outer garmant. If a person needed the outer garment they should be willing to give the undergarment as well. the Tunic was worn next to the body.

4. Luke 6:39-45

1. Subject: Parable of the Blind Leading the Blind

2. Objective: Teaching that it is futile to try to teach or lead someone to a place that you don't know yourself.

1. Luke 6:40- I remember learning Martial Arts. Our instructer, Ron Long, would often tell us that when you teach someone you can only teach them to the level right below your own rank. A first degree black belt could only take someone to a 1 degree brown belt, etc.

2. Luke 6:41-42- We must note a couple of things.

1. What is blinding one person is blinding the other. Sin does this to believers. Our sin can blind us and confuse us.

2. Notice also that the material in the eyes of both share the same property. Wood. Many times we recognize our sin in other people. We don't like the way it looks so we try to remove it from them. How can we help them through the sin issue when we have the same issue. We have been blinded.

1. Illustration: Traveling by plane the attendant will tell you to put your own oxygen mask on before you help your neighbor. You are of no help to others if you can't breathe yourself.

5. Luke 6:46-49

1. Subject: Parable of Two Foundations

2. Objective: Teaching that the proper foundation is to be built on listening to Jesus' Words and doing them.

6. Conclusion: What we see here is a life that is lived out through walking in the spirit. Paul says in Galatians that when we walk in the spirit we will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh. To live this life of blessing and joy and to let Jesus live through us requires us to let Jesus live through us. I said a couple of weeks ago that it boils down to this... we need to have the same attitude that John the Baptis had. He (Jesus) must increase and I (John the Baptist) must decrease. Do we want people to see how Jesus lives today in our world. We need to get out of the way and stop living our lives for ourselves and let Jesus live His worthy life through us by being led in the Spirit.

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